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CityZapper reaches an adventurous group of frequent travellers by means of publishing inspiring tips in city guides, refreshing blogs, advertisements, banners and social media campaigns, both online and by means of our cool app.

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Zapper PR

With our years of knowledge and expertise of the travel and lifestyle market with have built an extended and unique network, which we are happy to share with our partners. Our database consists thousands of relevant contacts in both the Netherlands and Germany.

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This is the newest member to the family! On SnowZapper users can find useful information on ski resorts and areas, snow reports, blog articles and much more. SnowZapper will be publishing in Dutch and German.

'It's very easy to be different but very difficult to be better'

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The Zapper Group is continuously creating new creative (Internet) concepts and publications and is searching for new parties willing to join new and exploitable concepts. Our most important brands are: CityZapper, Zapper PR and SnowZapper.

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